Our 7 Favorite Sources for Cybersecurity Information

In the world of cybersecurity, information is power. The criminals never stop looking for new ways to break into networks so it’s important that you arm yourself with the latest tactics and approaches.  

You don’t have to check the news often to know that worldwide data theft is at an all-time high. Based on the frequency and severity of these attacks–and the ever-increasing sophistication of cybercriminal enterprises–it’s clear: data breaches are here to stay. Every healthcare facility is now finding themselves asking the same question: 

“What can my organization do to stay ahead of cybercriminals?” 

There are plenty of resources available with a quick google search, but not every website is created equal. We have aggregated some of our cybersecurity experts, thought-leaders, and news sources. 

1. Krebs On Security 

Krebs On Security reads very much like a classic newspaper or community bulletin board featuring the most current events in the cybersecurity landscape. Its founder, Brain Krebs, was a reporter for The New York Times until he became fascinated with cybersecurity. Krebs On Security aims to not only inform, but to educate readers about how they can take action to prevent similar events from happening to them. 

2. HelpNet Security  

HelpNet Security has boasted professional news blogs powered by an impressive board of industry experts for more than 20 years. With multiple updates nearly every day, HelpNet Security is a fantastic avenue to gain the perspective of many powerful voices in place. HelpNet Security has a regular presence on Twitter making it easy to follow them for consistent updates on cybersecurity and technology across a wide range of industries and specialties. 

3. ZDNet 

ZDNet is the result of a team of tech writers working together from all across the globe with the mission of keeping readers at the cutting-edge of modern software and technology. In their own words: “ZDNet brings together global news coverage and analysis on local and global IT industry trends and opportunities, to support IT Professionals and Decision Makers in their IT Buying Cycle process. Whether they are in the early stages of investigating their options, or optimizing a solution, ZDNet supports them all the way through.” 

Often, the best way to educate yourself is to gain an understanding of the greater landscape of the subject at hand. Cybersecurity should be your organization’s greatest concern, but your team stands to gain a much more thorough perspective by reading about the state of technology at large. 

4. Health IT Security 

Health IT Security is packed with highly specific cybersecurity information directed at healthcare organizations revolving around HIPAA Compliance, Cloud and Mobile security, Patient Privacy, and Data Breaches. No matter what type of care your organization provides, Health IT Security provides information addressing potential threats and to help your team “adopt best practices for healthcare security and privacy.” Health IT Securitys singular focus on providing healthcare-specific cybersecurity news makes it a uniquely invaluable asset to healthcare organizations of all kinds. 

5. Security Magazine 

Security Magazine is exactly what it sounds like, but the name is well deserved. While the website is rather visually unremarkable and straightforward, the information provided is second to none. They cover the gamut of security news, offering a blog which offers security news and education targeted towards cybersecurity. Security Magazine makes it easy to find the information relevant to your field by offering a “Hospitals & Medical Centers” tab under the “Sectors” folder. This feature makes it a breeze to filter the expansive site down to relevant news. 

6. HIPAA Clicks 

HIPAA Clicks is the most no-frills news source on our list. Focusing entirely on providing HIPAA news and a backlog of information surrounding the subject. HIPAA Clicks features a remarkable list of categories, enabling you to narrow your search down by subjects like breachcompliancecloud computingHHS finesHIPAA checklistsHIPAA news for small & mid-sized practiceslegal newsphishing newsspam news to name just a few out of dozens of category options. 

7. Sileo Group 

Sileo Group is owned and operated by John Sileo, former entrepreneur-turned cybersecurity expert after he lost his business to cybercrime. Realizing the lack of cybersecurity awareness most companies have, John became a keynote speaker with a mission to educate through entertainment, inspiring companies and their employees to take control of their cybersecurity measures. John’s blog puts a personal touch on current events in the cybersecurity landscape, providing an experience that is as engaging as it is educational. John also makes a point of utilizing his dynamic personality by incorporating short informational videos into his blog feed. 

Staying up to date with the latest cybersecurity news can pay your organization dividends through the prevention of breach and avoiding crushing OCR fines. These sites are just a few of our favorite healthcare security and compliance news sources, but are invaluable additions to any healthcare organization’s daily news routine. 



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