Harnessing Whole Brain Marketing

Harnessing Whole Brain Marketing
Helps You Motivate Your Audience to Take Action

Have you ever wondered what color your brain is? No, not the literal color of the thing inside your head. Maybe a better question would be, what color do you think in?

Scott Ferguson, CEO of Aesto Health, will be the keynote speaker at the virtual Healthcare and IT Marketing Conference (HITMC) on April 28th at 1 p.m., Eastern time. His presentation will cover the principles of Whole Brain Marketing and how it can help you rethink your messaging to leverage the four classic thinking patterns that motivate any audience to take action.

The basic concept of Whole Brain Marketing, utilized by 97% of Fortune 100 companies, uses the colors of red, yellow, green, and blue to divide the audience’s brain into 4 quadrants. The blue and green quadrants represent the rational side of the brain and the red and yellow stand for the emotional side. 

What Color is Your Brain?

Do you like to rely on logic and critical thinking to come to realistic conclusions? Then you might lean heavily on the blue or the rational self. If you tend to make decisions based on emotional arguments, or you’re a free thinker that likes to take on problems with no warnings, you might be classified as yellow, the experimental self. 

And while you may have tendencies toward one quadrant, Scott’s presentation will show that for greatest effectiveness, as a marketer, you will want to craft messages that appeal to more than one quadrant of the brain.

“The attention span of your intended audience equals liquid gold,” Scott says, “so once you have their attention, the more quadrants you can connect on, the better the chances your message gets absorbed and remembered.”

Scott’s presentation on Whole Brain Marketing is a vital tool for any sales team or marketing team (healthcare or otherwise) working to get their message “received” because it creates messages that connect with both the rational and emotional side of your audience.

Successful sales and marketing depend on the quality of your communications and the “Whole Brain” approach invokes simple psychology to cut through the clutter and get heard.

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