The Five Hidden Dangers Threatening the Growth of PE-backed Healthcare Practices

Scott Ferguson
CEO | Aesto Health

Webinar Topics

  • Issues impacting PE-backed Healthcare Practices today
  • 5 Hidden Dangers | Fundamental problems behind accelerated growth
  • Hidden costs associated with accelerated growth and hidden costs that can kill your return on investment
  • How to scale faster, make smarter decisions, and automate processes to avoid costly mistakes

AESTO | Acquisition Analysis

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Be first to the Letter of Intent.

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Executives use Aesto tools and dashboards to compare deals and measure practice performance.

Simplify the Exchange of Data.

Integration teams use Aesto tools to organize and migrate acquired data.

Keep providers happy.

Providers use Aesto tools to easily access legacy patient records post-acquisition.

“Using Aesto, we move over a month faster getting to the Letter of Intent.”

– Colleen Ryan, Regional Dir. Business Dev

Increase Speed, Simplicity, and Accuracy with Business Intelligence Dashboards.

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