Data Validation Mapping Logs

Mapping Logs are available in the Data Validation module to show what mapping decisions have been made. Follow this guide below to learn where to find these logs and how to read them.

Navigate to Data Setup > Data Validation.

The Data Validation screen will display the tabs representing each import file category for which Aesto will submit to the client’s New EHR.

If a tab is green, no additional mapping is needed for that category.

If a tab is yellow, additional mapping is required.

Every tab will allow users to see the Mapping Logs, which show decisions made during data validation mapping.

To access these logs, please navigate to the appropriate tab and click the green Mapping Logs button at the top right of the screen. Here, you’ll be able to view mapping decisions in 3 tabs, as described below:

Click on Mapping Logs.

General: This tab shows structured mapping decisions. These are mapped one-to-one with one of the individual importable fields.

Please note the following field descriptions below:

  • Wrong Value: The original value that came from the legacy system that failed validation against the New EHR import specifications.
  • Correct Value: The value the user mapped to, which meets the New EHR import specifications.
  • Affected Rows: The number of rows affected by the mapping decision. Typically indicates the number of patients impacted.
  • Affected During Validation: The number of rows affected by mapping decisions during additional rounds of data validation (i.e., post go-live imports).
  • Mapping: This column will include either Active or Inactive, indicating the status of the mapping decision.
  • Action: The blue button is an edit option. The red button, or disable, removes the mapping so it will not happen again with a new validation.
  • User: Identifies the user that completed the mapping decision.

Deleted: This tab shows any values that were “removed” from import files to be delivered to the New EHR.

Notes: This tab shows any values that were pushed to unstructured notes.

If needed, you can download mapping logs as a PDF or CSV file. To do so, click on the appropriate icon as seen below:

If you need to remove a mapping decision, please click the Active button in the Mapping column. Once clicked, the button will turn red and read “Inactive.”

After any edits are made to your mapping logs, please alert your Aesto Health Project Manager so that the category can be invalidated. Only then will those failed values be available for mapping again.

In this example, we are looking for the ManufacturerOfVaccine.

Notice in the wrong value that it has Baxter mapped to an active Baxter Healthcare Corporation item.

See the steps below the user will take to correct this mapping.

Click on the Active button next to each line item that needs to be “turned off.”

The Active button will change from green to red and read “Inactive.”

Complete that step for all mapping choices you no longer want to be active.

Once all mapping decisions are inactivated, you MUST contact your Aesto Project Manager to have that category loaded again in Data Validation so that the new records will show up.

Once the load of the records is complete, the Aesto Project Manager will contact the user to complete the mapping.