Document Management

Scanning Documents in DataCapture

DataCapture’s Document Management tool allows you to easily scan paper records to patient charts, access them as needed in the future, and securely store them within your archive portal for the term of your subscription.

Location of Document Management Module in DataCapture

The purpose of this feature is to add documents to existing patients in the archive.

For example, if Lab Results from an interface came in to the legacy EHR system after the final data was pulled (pertaining to a date before the Go-Live), you may want to add that to the archive rather than or in addition to the new EHR system.

Step by Step Instructions

Navigate to the Document Management tab and select “Document Upload.”

If you do not see the Document Management tab, your permission settings may need to be adjusted.

Once this has been selected, the page below will appear.
Typically, the document type will always be “Patient.” However, there may be some cases where other document types can be specified.

These categories are usually set up and are in use before project completion.

  • i.e., General Financials, Human Resources documents, Employee Policies

Document Upload Features

  1. Search Patient: Search for the patient to which the document needs to be added.
  2. Encounter: If the document needs to be associated with a specific encounter (documents loaded as part of the portal build could also be associated with encounters), a drop-down of the patient’s encounters will be shown for selection. This is not a required field.
  3. Description: Give the document a brief description for easy identification.
  4. Category: A listing of categories available in the Document tab that typically came directly from your legacy EHR system will appear in the drop-down list to categorize the document.
  5. Date: Assign a date to the document (i.e., date of the encounter/lab collection, the document creation date, the date results were received, or the date the document is added to the archive).
  6. Scanner Upload versus Manual Upload:
    1. Scanner Upload: To use this function, the user will download the scanner app by clicking on the hyperlink. Once this is done, the user will have this functionality for use automatically when adding future documents. Place the document to be uploaded in the scanner, and the scanned document will be uploaded to the Document tab for the selected patient.
    2. Manual Upload: If the document to be uploaded is already on your computer, click “Choose File” and select the document from the folder location on your computer.
Once the file has been uploaded, it can be found in the selected patient’s chart in the Documents tab.

Support Inquiries

Upon project completion, contact with any questions, issues with this functionality, or others related to your archive portal.

A ticket will be created, and an Aesto support team member will contact you promptly. Details of the issue and screenshots, if applicable, are always appreciated!