Access to the eClinicalWorks database will depend on the location of the server. To determine which of the options below is suitable for your practice, please determine if your eCW server is onsite or hosted by eClinicalWorks.

For either of the below scenarios, once you have your backup in hand, you will coordinate with your Aesto Health Project Manager to deliver the information by shipping a hard drive to us or transferring over AWS S3.

LEARN MORE About Transferring Data with AWS S3.

Hosted by Vendor

For clients hosted by eClinicalWorks, an option is available for the client to request a SQL database backup in a .bak format on an encrypted hard drive.

  • This option comes at a cost payable to eClinicalWorks.
  • Additional fees may be incurred if eClinicalWorks is expected to provide the encrypted hard drive.

eClinicalWorks will provide the client with a formal outline of the expectation upon their request. The option that Aesto Health needs historically has been entitled One-Time Unencrypted Database Backup, Including Scanned Documents.

Aesto Health cannot request a backup from eClinicalWorks on your behalf, but we are happy to lend our expertise if further details are needed.

Server Onsite

For clients that have direct access to their servers, Aesto Health needs a standard SQL database backup:

  • The standard database name for an eClinicalWorks .bak file is mobiledoc. This backup includes all of the necessary tables for both clinical and financial data in Aesto Health’s experience.