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Do you know how your prospect thinks?

The Whole Brain® Model

The buying decision is directly related to the way people think. Their behavior may change or be affected by external factors, but thinking is constant.

The Whole Brain® Model provides a quick and simple way to get inside the head of a prospect, manager, investor, team member or anyone else and understand their mental processes—how they go about making a decision, what they pay attention to and what influences them the most.


3 Benefits of a Whole Brain Approach to Sales

  • Information.
    To truly understand people, you can’t just look at behaviors for clues. Our complex world doesn’t allow us to get away with that. It’s just not enough information. The Whole Brain® Model reveals the thinking “engine” behind any buying decision and puts observable behaviors into an actionable context.
  • Authenticity.
    The model doesn’t impose a new sales system or values on you. Instead, it enriches your existing approach by helping you understand how and why people decide to buy. You don’t have to throw away your current selling methods or change who you are. Just build on your current anchor points with a Whole Brain® approach.
  • Speed.
    When buyer and seller align at the deep level of thinking, they accelerate the process. Bottom line: using thinking as your foundation makes the buying decision easier and faster for everyone involved.
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