Greenway Intergy

For clients leaving Greenway Intergy, the first thing to understand is what type of access the client can provide. What is received from Greenway directly is far more limited than if we can obtain direct access.

ODBC Connection

The best option is to get a direct ODBC connection to the client’s Intergy database if possible. From there, we can directly connect and run our queries on the Intergy server. This option provides us unlimited access to the Intergy data, which we can export and use for all project tasks.

Data Export

If the client does not have an ODBC connection enabled and set up, they will have to contact Greenway to provide an export of their Intergy data.

The challenge with the export from Intergy is that the data provided is on flat files with no data headers. We have worked with this export before and deciphered it well enough, but the result produces unavoidably limited results.

Database Backup (Unusable)

Many clients have expected to be able to provide us with a backup of Intergy. However, this Progress database backup is encrypted with a password the client will not have, and Greenway will not provide. This renders the backup useless to us and is not an option worth exploring.