Greenway Prime Suite

We see two scenarios when working with a practice coming from Greenway Prime Suite. Please read both sections below carefully to determine the right path for your next steps.

Please note that in either scenario, the following is required for EMR User Access:

  • Remote access to a dedicated machine on the practice’s network (using our unattended remote access tools, Citrix, RDP, VPN, etc.)
    • Please install the Greenway Prime Suite front-end client on this machine.
  • Windows username and password to access the machine and/or VPN
  • EMR username and password to access Prime Suite

Direct Access to the Database

This scenario applies to clients that have a server onsite or are hosted by a third-party IT company with direct access to the database.

Aesto Health will need the following:

  • The client to obtain backups of the SQL databases from the hosting company.
    • The backups can be transferred to Aesto Health in one of two ways:
      • Electronically to Aesto Health via SFTP or S3
      • Shipped on an external encrypted hard drive (Aesto Health can provide a hard drive if needed)
    • Please request SQL Backups (.bak files) from the below Prime Suite databases:
      • PrimeRecord<site number>
      • PrimeRecordBin<site number>
      • PrimeRecordArcBin<site number>

If the client has direct access to the Greenway server, Aesto Health is also happy to take the backup on the client’s behalf. For this, the client must provide administrative database credentials and remote access to the server.

Hosted by Greenway

This scenario applies to clients that are hosted by Greenway directly.

  • Greenway offers a data export option upon request.
    • Greenway typically provides information about what is included in this export. Before proceeding, the client should confirm that the SQL backups are included in this export.

Please note that we typically experience a six-week lead time or more for Greenway requests. Most Greenway clients are hosted by a third party, so the client should confirm that Greenway is the host of the data before making official requests.