NextGen is very consistent with its backup options. However, there are distinct differences between hospital and clinic system configurations. Please read all the content below carefully to understand the appropriate next steps.


NextGen-Ambulatory (clinic) has the following database(s):

  • NGProd

Typically, other databases are listed, which we will acquire only if needed. The named databases above are the ones we know we require.

Regarding the location of these databases, you will find a folder named “SQLBackups” on the host SQL server. The client may have to inform Aesto Health of this machine’s name/IP, but it will likely be the hospital or clinic’s initials joined with “SQL” or “SQL1.”

Example: ABC Clinic’s SQL server might be named “ABCSQL1.”

For each of these databases, there will be a folder with the database’s name. This folder has several partial database backup files and one “.BAK” file.

The “.BAK” file is what the client should provide to Aesto Health for each database.

Example: SpiritEnterprise will have a folder named SpiritEnterprise.


Opus (hospital) has the following database(s):

  • SpiritEnterprise
  • SpiritMaster
  • NgfReporting
  • ClinComm