Practice Fusion

Aesto Health typically takes a combined approach to get data from Practice Fusion. Please see the two sections below to understand the steps needed to request data.

Data Export from Practice Fusion

Requirement: The client must request the data export from Practice Fusion.

Practice Fusion will export data and provide it to the client upon request.

The data export includes:

  • One .csv file that includes: Demographics, Provider Info, SOAP notes, Insurance, Appointments, Medication History, Allergies, PMH, Advance Directive, and Immunizations
  • One folder that includes all documents ever uploaded into Practice Fusion

Files (Excel workbook, documents [which are exported in the same format in which the user uploaded them]) provided are an industry standard, and the export process cannot be customized or modified in any way.

Please note: Messages, Lab Results, Schedule, and Superbills are not included in the export.

In our experience with Practice Fusion, there is no cost for a second export.

Please keep in mind that the data export can take four to six weeks to complete from the time Practice Fusion receives all required documentation.

The data export is usually transferred securely to the client, who then provides it to the Aesto Health product delivery team.

Bulk Export of CCDA Files

Requirement: The client must create a user login for Aesto Health.

Since there is some lead time to be expected from Practice Fusion for the above export, Aesto Health asks our clients to create a user login for us in the Practice Fusion EMR so we can export CCDA files in bulk and export a patient demographics list.

The CCDA export allows Aesto Health to parse out many clinical data points without waiting for Practice Fusion to deliver the .csv files.

Note: This bulk export does not replace the need for the data export from Practice Fusion.