We see two scenarios when working with a practice coming from Veradigm EHR (formerly known as Allscripts Pro). Please read both sections below carefully to determine the right path for your next steps.

Standard Deconversion

For clients hosted by Veradigm, an option is available for a Standard Deconversion Export, delivered by Veradigm to the practice.

This option produces a limited set of tables and zipped backup files from which Aesto Health is able to produce an archive of discrete data and documents.

  • This option comes at a cost payable to Veradigm.
  • The expected lead time to receive the data files is 8-12 weeks.

Veradigm will provide the client with a formal outline of the expectation upon their request.

Aesto Health cannot request a deconversion export to Veradigm on your behalf but can lend expertise if further details are needed.

Database Backup (Preferred)

For clients that have direct access to their servers, Aesto Health needs a standard SQL database backup:

  • The standard CLINICALS database name for a Veradigm .bak file is EMR.
  • The standard FINANCIAL (or practice management) database for a Veradigm .bak file is Ntier.

These databases may have a client name or initial after the database name, such as ‘Ntier_ChartCapture’ or ‘Ntier_CC.’

It is important to note that within each database, there are several schemas. The primary clinical schema in EMR is HPSITE, while the primary financial schema within Ntier is PM.