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If you strategically eliminated problems slowing down the practice acquisition process, how might your speed-to-growth and speed-to-profits improve?


Taking control of the pre-acquisition data analysis cycle accelerates transactions and increases EBITDA by 7% or more.


How will internal and external stakeholders feel the benefits of using Aesto Health’s Practice Acquisition Platform across your entire enterprise?


What’s a typical timeline to turn around a dataset for pre-acquisition analysis?


Across the nation, many of the fastest-growing private equity-funded PPM & MSO healthcare enterprises partner with Aesto Health as an intermediary to provide data services before, during, and after clinics are acquired.


Aesto Health provides a technology platform enabling enterprise healthcare organizations to obtain, analyze and store patient data throughout the process of acquiring and managing practices. Our SaaS and software-enabled services facilitate:

  • pre-acquisition analysis for business development teams
  • accelerated patient outreach for marketing teams
  • clinical data migration and importing for implementation teams
  • risk-based contract calculations and pop-health reporting for financial teams
  • dashboards for data visualization, aggregation, validation, patient matching, and more

Aesto Health’s talented and experienced team of healthcare data engineers, project leaders, and client advocates exercise extreme ownership in repeatedly delivering according to specifications on deadlines.

When we partner with your healthcare organization, we define and design a detailed plan together to achieve your long-term goals. That plan becomes the strategic playbook that aligns our interests, sets stakeholder expectations, and synchronizes our processes.

Aesto Health becomes an extension of your internal operations and an external ally to support your growth.

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