Preparing for Your Assessment Call

Purpose of Your Assessment Call

Aesto Health is committed to your facility’s successful data migration to AthenaOne. The assessment will ensure that Aesto Health understands how your facility uses your legacy EHR system and that Aesto Health sets proper expectations for your project.

Who Should Attend the Assessment?

  • A user who can log into the legacy EHR system, share their screen using an actual patient, and walk the Aesto Health assessor through the patient chart to identify where data is stored. This user should be authorized to make decisions regarding the clinical data to be extracted.
  • A user who can show and make decisions regarding the practice management data to be extracted from the legacy EHR system, such as demographics and appointments.
  • A technical team member who can address questions regarding where the data is hosted and how Aesto Health will obtain access to the data throughout the project.

Discussion Points for Assessment

  • Confirm details received about the project, including legacy EHR vendor and estimated timing.
  • Discuss expected access to data for Aesto Health.
  • Facility-led screen share of legacy EHR system to show Aesto Health a patient chart and how data is recorded.
  • Discuss qualifying import deliverables from the legacy EHR system.
  • Review the timing of getting the data at each phase of the project.
  • Review data that will be available in the ChartCapture archive.

Preparing for your Assessment

  • Determine the user at the facility that will lead the screen share of the legacy EHR system.
  • Ensure a technical team member can answer specific questions regarding the legacy EHR system.
  • Identify a patient that would serve as a good example to Aesto of how the facility generally records data in a chart.

Aesto Health will record the assessment call and securely store the recording for quality assurance purposes.