EHR System Turn-Around Times

EHR System

Expected Turn-Around Time

File Delivery Format

Allscripts Pro 8 Weeks Deconversion; Flat Files
athenaFlow On-Demand Full Oracle Backup
athenahealth 6 to 8 Weeks HTML Files
athenaPractice On-Demand Full SQL Backup
Dr. Chrono On-Demand Flat Files & PDF Documents
eClinicalWorks 6 to 8 Weeks Full SQL Backup
eMDs On-Demand Full SQL Backup
Epic 6 Weeks CCDA Files
Greenway Intergy (Sage) 3 to 4 Weeks Flat Files (No Headers)
Greenway Prime Suite 6 to 8 Weeks Formatted Export + Backup
Kareo On-Demand CCDA Files & PDF Documents
NextGen On-Demand Full SQL Backup
Office Practicum 3 to 4 Weeks Firebird Database
Practice Fusion 4 to 6 Weeks Data Export (CSVs) + CCDAs
Practice Partners On-Demand Full Backup


Don’t see your EHR Vendor listed?

That’s okay!  When you reach out to your EHR Vendor, please ask for the options they have to provide copies of your data to you.

Typically, we request a complete database backup with all referenced documents.  In some cases, the EHR Vendor will provide a menu of options for delivering data.

Aesto Health will gladly review options from your EHR Vendor and advise on the best selection.