Do you have a plan to decommission Heathland Centriq?

The sunsetting of Healthland Centriq by CPSI means that all Healthland Centriq customers will need to transition to a new system by October 2023. Your timing in choosing the right partner to help you transition to a new system is critical to a smooth and successful transition before October 2023.

Your Transition Doesn’t Have to be Complicated and Time-Consuming.

Aesto Health has the experience and expertise with Healthland Centriq to help you transition smoothly to a new system. We offer a convenient platform to access all your legacy Healthland Centriq data, regardless of the new EMR platform you choose.

Keep Your Patient Data Easily Accessible and Secure.

Aesto Health’s cloud-based Clinical Data Archive will store all your patient data and documents securely and provide easy access for your staff. With a simple, lightning-fast, user-friendly interface, Healthland Centriq data will be at your staff’s fingertips whenever you need it and for as long as you need it.

Included Features of the Clinical Data Archive:

  • Release of Information tool
  • Custom reporting
  • Exportable per-click auditing
  • Document scanning for both patient and non-patient documents

What else can Aesto Health do for me?

Extract and Archive Historical RCM Data with Aesto Health’s RCM Module.

Aesto Health’s RCM Module is a detailed patient accounts receivable data archive. Unlike most static archives, the RCM Module empowers you to decommission your RCM agreements with CPSI/Healthland Centriq without sacrificing outstanding collectible AR.

Access your historical AR data, including charges, prior insurance payments, adjustments, patient payments, and accounting notes available at the encounter/episode level. You can then experience the long-term benefits of easily working down patient balances with Aesto’s RCM Module’s built-in posting functionality.

Included features of the RCM Module:

  • Payment and adjustment posting
  • Mass adjustments for easy write-offs
  • Custom reporting
  • Dunning and collection processes
  • Guarantor-based statements
  • Easily reportable General Ledger exports
  • Demand bills

Extract and Archive Financial and Administrative Data with Aesto Health’s Finance & Admin Module.

Aesto Health understands that you likely have more data in Healthland Centriq than just patient-related records. Aesto Health’s Finance & Admin Module is designed to archive and easily access general financial data. Your hospital can rest assured that all information, even the data unrelated to patients, is at your fingertips when needed.

Data Securely Stored and Accessible with the Finance & Admin Module*:

  • Historical General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable/ Materials Management
  • Human Resources & Payroll

*The Finance & Admin Module supports the storage of both discrete data and documents.

Enterprise Solutions

Do you have additional facilities transitioning EHR systems? Aesto Health supports all sectors of the healthcare industry.

No matter the EHR system your practices are currently using, if your goal includes extractions and archives for additional locations or data types, be sure to talk to us about our Enterprise solutions.

Your Transition Doesn’t Have to be complicated and Time Consuming.